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New build

ModernCity’s professionals can project and manage new builds and deliver the expected results quickly and efficiently. We have all trades and can provide support on building sites or take over the full new build project. We can offer construction services for new build projects whether it is a new house, a development of several houses, a commercial project. We can turn your new build dream into a reality as we work together with architects, structural engineers and building control to take the stress out of your project and ensure that we can deliver the highest quality result. Whether contemporary or traditional design, our experienced tradesmen will complete your project to the highest standards using the appropriate materials.

House renovation

We provide a high quality refurbishment service-whether it be residential or commercial properties-we can provide a tailored solution to suit your needs. ModernCity Construction is a team of experienced, highly skilled and certified tradesmen who carry out interior and exterior house refurbishments, from kitchen and bathroom fitting, plumbing and heating, carpentry and joinery, electrical and lighting installations, roofing, plastering and decorating, tiling and flooring.
We are able to transform any house into your dream home/living space whether this be changing the layout or changing of rooms, taking out or installing additional walls, creating extra bathrooms or open plan kitchens.

House extension

Whether it’s a new loft, extension of your kitchen, building an external building, side return or opening two rooms into one, ModernCity Construction have the necessary expertise to undertake your project. We work with architects, planners and structural engineers, as and when necessary, to ensure project integrity and best design alongside our expert builders. We specialise in bespoke home repairs, extensions and building projects across London areas. A home extension can help you make more of the space without moving home, if you’re looking to sell your home later on or in near future and an extension can also increase the value of your property.

Loft conversion

Converting an existing space can help you feel refreshed in your environment and can provide you with a new space in your home. Loft conversions are the number one way people add value to their homes. A loft conversion can provide you with practical space, perfect for an office or guest bedroom, and it has the added bonus of increasing the market value of your property.
If you need more space but don’t want to move, or you simply want a change in your environment, a loft conversion is a great way to refresh your home.


Design & Build

We mix together the process of designing and building a property with our design and build expert teams. This ensures a cost-effective and reasonable solution to your home improvement project. We have everything you need and can handle your project from idea to handover.

This includes:

  • Architectural planning
  • Building regulations and planning permission
  • Structural engineering
  • Project management
  • Construction

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